Eugene and Justin
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Crystal THE Ally

Justin is a tech geek that is intuitive, spiritual and very connected with the Earth. He resonates strongly with the earth elementals and has the ability to connect and communicate with the flora and faunas. An intuitive energy healer since young, Justin is attuned to Reiki, crystal, angelic and Egyptian healing. His gifts include aura reading, channelling and divination through oracle cards. In addition, he also works with crystal allies to support us on our wonderful and exciting journey of self-discovery.

Eugene is a talented and insightful oracle reader. He uses crystal or colour oracle cards to bring clarity to the questions that you may have at this point in your life. At the same time, he also uses the cards to guide you on the type of healings or energy works that you may require to bring about improvements in your personal life, career, health and/or relationships. He aspires to help you find fulfilment, joy and happiness in your journey on earth.

Last but not least, both Justin and Eugene are avid crystal collectors and would be sharing their combined passion and experience with you. Look forward to getting nuggets of guidance and support in selecting that perfect crystal for yourself and your loved ones..