Lorraine Low
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Raine of Light

As an Oracle and Healer, Raine uses her gifts to weave together messages of the highest truth & light to bring about true healing from your angels and spirit guides through Angel & Oracle Card Readings. Raine also works on a purely intuitive level to facilitate healing at all levels through energy and sound healing, mediumship, psychic counselling and pet communication. Over the years, Raine has helped people from various walks and stages of life to gain clear insights and guided answers to issues they face in the areas of relationships, career and health.

Raine will also be expanding her range of light infused services and products by collaborating with fellow lightworkers Bestarz, Autumn Mirage and Vivre Gemstones at this year’s festival.

A compassionate healer, Bestarz has been a strong advocate of self-love in embracing the most powerful forces in the world, life itself. She created Bestarz Rejuvenation • 静星愈林 for souls to seek solitude and tranquillity through floral healings, aiding in the search of life’s purpose, energy cleansing and emotional transformation.

As an intuitive crafter, each fabric craftwork is completed with memories of love, joy and happiness specially for the receiver. Sabby perseveres in keeping crafting alive and created Autumn Mirage to bring joy and healing to those she creates craft works for.

VIVRE Gemstones is built on the passion for stones and beautiful things in life. Their designs breathe new life into the healing stones and allow people to see them in transformable ways. VIVRE means “to live”. Through VIVRE Gemstones, people will get to enjoy living life with the appreciation of the beauty that mother nature has bestowed on us.