Iris, Samuel, YaNing
Booth: B7

YiS of Light

YiS of Light stands for Yours In Service Of Light. YiS also represents their names, Ya-Ning, Iris and Samuel.

They are three fellow travelers on the spiritual path, responding to their calling, and decided to come together to serve the Highest Light.

Spirituality is about going within… a self-empowering process to truly understand our Divine Self.

Their Lightwork focuses on bringing forth the essence of LOVE, building HOPE and manifesting ONENESS.

In striving to be beacons of the Highest Light, they invite YOU to join them on this path of Light to learn and expand our Light and Love together.


      Energy infused Crystals Jewelry
      Energy/ Sound Healing
      Guided Sound/ Movement Meditation
      Oracle/ Tarot Card and channeled Reading
      Spiritual Counselling / Mediumship
      Space Clearing, Entity/ Curse removal

Ya-Ning Tung

Ya-Ning aspires to support others to find the purpose and expression of their soul.

Iris Leng

It is Iris’ hope to help anyone to be the light & love that they can be in their own unique way.

Samuel Soon

Being able to bring light, clarity and direction to anyone in need is Samuel’s motivation of his Lightwork.