Thank you for visiting us at the Reading Room.

Readers are in your service for one-on-one sessions on a walk-in basis during the event at Melati Room, Level 4 of Marina Bay Sands. Each session is 20 minutes, with an exchange of SGD50. Two consecutive sessions will be SGD100. Payment is to be made by cash at the registration area outside the Reading Room.

Brenton began his Tarot journey 40 years ago, helping him learn more about life and himself, and now others. The Tarot has been used for divination through interpretation of their imagery & placement in spreads and cast new light on challenging situations. When doing a tarot divination, Brenton helps the inquirer with his or her question by using the visual language of the cards. Together, they construct a narrative that will help illuminate the inquirer’s concerns.

Brenton Wong

As an intuitive lightworker and life consultant, Margaret assists individuals to uncover spiritual reasons behind any situation and assists them to make transformative changes to live their best life.

Combining direct communication with individual souls, angels and divine guides, energy healing tools and innovative approaches, Margaret helps to identify and heal your deep wounds and limiting patterns and make positive changes to step into a joyful and abundant life. She particularly enjoys coaching individuals and business leaders to better align with their spiritual purpose and serve humanity. Employing her 20-year professional experience in international community development, she is able to bring diverse perspectives on personal leadership, problem solving and peacemaking to enhance lives and communities.

Margaret T